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Hr Principles And Tqm

Learn about the nuances of HR Principles and how it can be useful for organizations which are going to implement TQM

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This course will begin with an introduction on HR Principles which are crucial for TQM implementation. As experts underlined, HR Principles influences everything and everyone within the organisation. It is not an isolated exercise. Such management practices shed light on the way employees act in the workplace. It is one of the critical processes for TQM. A well-grained Principles requires several steps. These are resource requirement to manage the quality function, strategic planning, team building, change management, motivation, managing the change, conflict management and so on. A company equipped with efficient quality practices increases productivity and performance. These two require leadership and commitment from the top management. Change requires new behavior from everyone involved including the top management in implementing TQM. One must agree that the change is always difficult and disruptive. It is always said that change is the only thing that does not change. Every organisation needs a team to meet the targets of TQM. Team building is an indispensable part of it. In this backdrop, conflict management is a duty shared by the facilitator and the team leader. The facilitator can assist the leader by assuring that creative conflict is not repressed, but encouraged. A well-developed quality culture involves the people who are affected by a decision in the organisation. This is fundamental to developing teamwork, cooperation, involvement, and trust, between people, divisions, and levels.

In this course, you will learn about the following components of TQM: Organizational Culture Strategic planning & SWOT Analysis Leadership & Commitment of Top Management in Implementing TQM Team Building & Evolution Team Dynamics & Conflict Management Management Styles Change Management Managing Change Motivation: Principles, Techniques & Strategies

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After this course, the participants will learn about basic concepts of how various management practices helps in TQM implementation. Its usefulness in enhancing the productivity and reputation of your organizations.

Higher & Middle Management of companies Final year engineering students MBA students Owners of SME & MSME

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   Duration: 3 weeks
   Effort: 3 – 6 Hours per week
   *Stage I Fee: Rs.0/- (Inclusive of Tax)
   Level: Foundation
   Languages: English
   Interaction Mode: Animation Video , Lectures

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